International Best Selling Author & MEASURE Founder Sit Down For A Candid Discussion On Policing

Updated: Sep 8

MEASURE founder, Meme Styles Taliaferro, sat down with international best selling author, Stacey Barr, author of Practical Performance Measurement and How to Create a High-Performance Culture and Measurable Success Prove It! for a open discussion on the measurement of community policing in America. Meme says, the "innovativeness (of MEASURE) comes from a performance measurement approach that focuses on using dialogue to create exceptionally high ownership of measures by people on both sides of the social issues."

“...In 2015 after having a very heated debate about the lack of community policing measures, I went to work to apply the PuMP methodology to that exact issue. We convened a Measure Design team that consisted of an equal number of community activists and an equal number of police officers in one room.”

It is through these guided conversations, Meme and MEASURE, are able to understand and resolve community social issues. Learn more about MEASURE and Meme and ways to get involved, listen to the full interview below.

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